The Emscote Therapy clinic based in Warwickshire is dedicated to investing in latest technology and to providing the highest levels of non-invasive private treatment for physiotherapy, chiropody / podiatry, sports injuries, lower limb and lower back pain problems. All in comfortable and relaxing surroundings, as professionals of the Health Professions Council (HPC), we use thorough clinical assessment, we are committed to advise patients about treatment options and latest technologies such as TheraFlex, ShockMaster® and Shockwave.

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Our health care professionals are all trained, qualified and registered to the Health Professions Council (HPC)

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Physiotherapy treatment helps to maximise human function and movement, we use a range of physiotherapy treatments to treat a variety of health care problems. From the treatment of back pain, neck pain, to sports injuries, whiplash, sciatica, frozen shoulder, joint pain and stiffness. Emscote Therapy are health care professionals concerned with human function and movement and maximising potential.
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Chiropody / podiatry is the treatment of the foot and ankle, diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as ingrown toenails, corns, callus, blisters, athlete's foot, foot wear, foot care and Orthotics advice for all patients. Emscote Therapy are here for all your chiropody / podiatry needs, offering a range of professional foot and ankle treatments.
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TheraFlex a long term treatment for back pain and neck pain. Here at Emscote Therapy our health care professionals use TheraFlex as a simple but non-invasive approach to the treatments such as chronic to acute back pain and lower back pain. The TheraFlex tool can help to restore the supple elasticity and stability to the spine, using innovative TheraFlex computer technology and most of all skilled health care professionals.
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ShockMaster® The Proven Solution to modern pain therapy. ShockMaster® uses Shockwave therapy treatment, highly effective treatment method, Shockwave refers to mechanical pressure pulses that expand as a wave encounter the painful body regions. In modern pain therapy, Shockmaster® uses Shockwave energy that is conducted through the painful body regions, where it applies its healing capacities for problems such as sport injuries, joint pain, stiffness, tennis elbow and frozen shoulder.
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